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Welcome to Effortless NOW

 We continue to be inspired by the passion and dedication we see in Effortless Prosperity.

Starting right Now you can live your life without limits. Effortless NOW provides the teaching of Effortless Prosperity which has touched millions worldwide.

The first edition of Absolutely Effortless Prosperity was self-published in February, 1997 for a select group of people. Within a month, the Effortless Prosperity Study groups were meeting every 2 hours from morning until night, seven days a week. Through miracles and word-of-mouth, this simple and insightful book of 30 lessons began changing the lives of people everywhere. Since then Effortless Prosperity has introduced several other books on subjects for children, teenagers, health and laughter including numerous tapes and CDs on the subject in meditation and affirmation.

For almost two decades we have helped people worldwide tap into the incredible power of Effortless Prosperity. Effortless NOW was created to help participants enjoy a more enriched experience while attending these amazing and powerful events. Join people worldwide who are tapping into the Power of Effortless NOW.

You can find information here about us and a schedule of local and international retreats and seminars that are dedicated to personal development. Whatever your skill or experience level is in your respective industry, we can assure you that there is tremendous value for you in any of our programs. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you at a future event.

Live Life Without Limits


-Effortless Now Team

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